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We spent many hours on research to finding laptop badory, reading product features, product specifications for this guide. For those of you who wish to the best laptop badory, you should not miss this article. laptop badory coming in a variety of types but also different price range. The following is the top 10 laptop badory by our suggestions

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New Laptop Battery for HP Spare 807957-001 807956-001 807612-421 HS04 HS03 245 G4 255 G4

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Battery type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8V(Compatible with 14.4V)
Capacity: 2200mAh
Cell: 4 Cells
Recharge cycles: 500

Replacement part numbers
HS04 HS03 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-LB6V 807957-001 807956-001 807612-421

Fit machine models
HP 240 G4 Series
HP 245 G4 Series
HP 246 G4 Series
HP 250 G4 Series
HP 255 G4 Series
HP 256 G4 Series
HP Notebook 14 Series
HP Notebook 14g Series
HP Notebook 15 Series
HP Notebook 15g Series

Buy with confidence:
Ship next business day!
12 – month warranty!
24 x 7 Email Support!
100% satisfaction guaranteed!

New GHU Replacement Laptop Battery 58 WH PA5109U-1BRS Compatible with Toshiba Satellite PABAS271 PABAS272 PABAS273 PA5110U-1BRS PA5108U-1BRS 6-Cell Li-Ion 5200 mAh

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

NinjaBatt Pro Laptop Battery for HP 807956-001 807957-001 HS04 HS03 807612-421 807611-221 240 G4 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-DB7I HSTNN-LB6V TPN-I119 807611-421 807611-131 – Samsung Cells – [4 Cells/2600mAh]

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

ANTIEE SR04XL Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion Power 15-CB000 CB000NG CB045WM 15-CE000 15-CE015DX 15-DC0000 15T-CE000 15T-CB2000 Omen 15 2018 15-CE000 CE015DX DC0000 917724-855 917678-1B1 15.4V 70.07Wh

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

LNOCCIY M5Y1K Notebook Battery 14.8V 40WH for Dell Inspiron 3451 3551 5551 5558 5758 Vostro 3458 3558 Inspiron 14 15 3000 Series HD4J0 M5YIK WKRJ2 GXVJ3 1KFH3-12 Months Warranty

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020


LNOCCIY Inc offers the highest quality and most reasonable price products, We are focusing on the quality of products and excellent customer service. 24 x 7 Email Support and 12 Months Warranty.
Ctrl + F search the model you need. Thanks for your purchase!

Compatible Part Numbers:

GXVJ3, HD4J0, K185W, M5Y1K, WKRJ2, VN3N0, 451-BBMG

Compatible Laptop Models:

Dell Inspiron 3451 3452 3458 3551 3552 3558 5451 5458 5551 5555 5558 5755 5758
Dell Inspiron 14 3000 series 14-3451 14-3458
Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series 14-5451 14-5455 14-5458 14-5459
Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series 15-3551 15-3552 15-3558
Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series 15-5551 15-5555 15-5558 15-5559 15-5758
N3451 N3452 N3458 N3551 N3552 N3558 N5451 N5458 N5551 N5555 N5558 N5559 N5755 N5758 N5455
Dell Vostro 3458 3558

Maintenance of Laptop Battery

(1) If you don’t use the battery for a long time(3 months or more), you should charged the battery to a minimum level of 50%. Otherwise it may not be able to charge again after long time storage.
(2) Never take out the battery from the laptop while it’s charging or discharging
(3) When discharging the battery,do not discharge to 3% or lower.It is strictly prohibited to discharge the battery until the laptop lost power or 0%
(4) If your laptop cannot charge or fully charge your NEW battery, there may be possibilities that the adapter does not compatible with the laptop or there’s some damage with the adapter, please switch off your laptop and try again or change to a correct adapter to charge.

Futurebatt Laptop Battery for HP EliteBook 8460P 8460W 8470P 8560P 8570P; HP ProBook 6360B 6460B 6465B 6470B 6560B 6565B 6570B Notebook, P/N CC06 QK642AA 628666-001 630919-421 HSTNN-F08C HSTNN-OB2G

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Compatible Models:

HP EliteBook 8460P 8460W 8470P 8470W 8560P 8570P
HP ProBook 6360B 6460B 6465B 6470B 6475B 6560B 6565B 6570B

Compatible Part Numbers:

HP: 628369-421, HSTNN-F08C, HSTNN-OB2G, 630919-421, HSTNN-F11C, HSTNN-OB2H, CC06,

Use “Ctrl” + “F” to find your models

Buy with confidence!
12-Month Warranty
Ship same or next business day
24 x 7 Email Support

Futurebatt offers High Quality Laptop Battery, Chargers and Power Banks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support for assistance.

Shareway M5Y1K Laptop Battery Compatible with Dell Latitude 3460 3560 Vostro 14 3458 15 3558 Inspiron 14 15 17 3000 5000 Series P64G P47F P51F P52F 453-BBBR 451-BBMG GXVJ3 HD4J0

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Note: Not all models in the below list.Any problems, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

Contact us by follow step:Please click on seller store on right corner “ask a question”and contact seller directly.

Compatible Part Numbers:

M5Y1K M5YIK MSY1K P51F VN3N0 VN3NO OVN3N0 W6D4J WKRJ2 6YFVW 78V9D 078V9D 07G07 007G07 K185W KI85W 1KFH3 GXVJ3 P51F001 HD4J0 HD4JO 453-BBBR 451-BBUD 451-BBMG 0991XP 991XP P28E P47F P51F P52F YU12005-13001D

Fit Laptop Models:

Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series 3451 I3451 N3451 3452 N3452 3458 N3458 3459 3467 P60G

Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series 5451 N5451 5455 N5455 5458 N5458 5459 N5459 P64G

Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series INS14UD ( Ins 14UD ) 1108W 1328W 1528B 1528R 1528S 1548S 1748S

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series 3551 N3551 3552 N3552 3558 N3558 3559 3565 3567 P47F

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 5545 5555 N5555 5558 N5558 5758 P51F

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series 5755 N5755 5756 5758 N5758 5759 P28E

Dell Latitude 3460 3560

Dell Vostro 14 3458 P65G

Dell Vostro 15 3558 P52F

7XINbox 14.8V 41Wh 2800mAh L12L4A02 L12L4E01 L12M4A02 L12M4E01 L12S4A02 L12S4E01 Replacement Laptop Battery for Lenovo IdeaPad G400s G405s G410s G500s G505s G510s S410p S510p Z710 (Black)

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

About Us:
A professional manufacturer in the field of power tool batteries, laptop batteries and charger,
provides high-quality, real capacity power products with excellent customer service.

Battery type: Li-ion;
Capacity: 2800mAh/41Wh;
Voltage: 14.8V;

Part Number:
L12L4E01, L12M4A02, L12M4E01, L12S4A02, L12S4E01, L12L4A02, 121500171,
121500172, 121500173, 121500174, 121500175, 121500176, 90202869

Suitable for the following Models:
For lenovo G400s Series, lenovo G400s Touch Series G40-30, G40-45, G40-70, G40-70M
For lenovo G405s Series,For lenovo G405s Touch Series
For lenovo G410s Series,For lenovo G410s Touch Series
For lenovo G500s Series, For lenovo G500s Touch Series
For G50-30, G50-45, G50-70, G50-70A , G50-70M , G50-75 , G50-80
For lenovo G505s Series, lenovo G505s Touch Series
For lenovo G510s Series, lenovo G510s Touch Series
For lenovo S410p Series,For lenovo S410p Touch Series
For lenovo S510p Series,For lenovo S510p Touch Series
For lenovo Z710 Series
For lenovo IdeaPad G400s Series,For lenovo IdeaPad G400s Touch Series
For lenovo IdeaPad G405s Series,For lenovo deaPad G405s Touch Series
For lenovo IdeaPad G410s Series,For lenovo IdeaPad G410s Touch Series
For lenovo IdeaPad G500s Series,For lenovo IdeaPad G500s Touch Series
For lenovo IdeaPad G505s Series, For lenovo IdeaPad G505s Touch Series
For lenovo IdeaPad G510s Series,For lenovo IdeaPad G510s Touch Series
For lenovo IdeaPad S410p Series,For lenovo IdeaPad S410p Touch Series
For lenovo IdeaPad S510p Series,For lenovo IdeaPad S510p Touch Series,
For lenovo IdeaPad Z710 Series Series

Note: 1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 24 hours before normal use.
2. The computer does not recognize the battery, the battery connector may be bad contact with the computer jack,

MU06 593553-001 Laptop Battery for HP G32 G42 G42T G56 G62 G72 G4 G6 G6T G7 MU09 593554-001; Presario CQ32 CQ42 CQ43 CQ430 CQ56 CQ62 CQ72 DM4 DV3 DV5;COMPAQ 435, 436 Notebook PC

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Compatible Part Numbers:

MU06 MU09 WD548AA WD549AA HSTNN-I84C 593553-001 593554-001 593555-002 593550-001 593556-001 636631-001 WD548AA#ABB HSTNN-LB0W HSTNN-CBOW

Compatible Models:

HP 2000 Notebook PC / 2000z-100 CTO Notebook PC / 430 Notebook PC / 431 Notebook PC / 630 Notebook PC / 631 Notebook PC / 635 Notebook PC / 636 Notebook PC
HP G42 / G42-410US / G42-475DX / G42T / G56-100SA / G56-106EA / G56-107SA / G56-108SA / G56-130SA / G62-100 / G62-106SA / G62-107SA / G62- 140US / G62-144DX / G62-149WM / G62-219WM / G62-225DX / G72-102SA / G72-105SA / G72-130SA / G72-250US / G72-260US / G4 / G4-1011NR / G4-1015DX / G4-1104DX / G6-1000 / G6-1010SA / G6-1072SA / G7 / G7-1000 / G7-1070US / G7-1075DX
HP Presario CQ32 / CQ42 / CQ62 / CQ72 | CQ43 / CQ43-300 / CQ43-100 / CQ56z-200 / CQ62-100 / CQ62-200 / CQ430
HP Pavilion DM4-1000 / DM4-1050 / DM4-1060US / DM4-1062NR / DM4-1063CL / DM4-1065DX / DM4-1160US / DM4-1165DX / DM4-1265DX / DM4-1300 / DM4-1300EA / DM4-2000 / DM4-2015DX / DM4-2070US / DM4-3000 / DM4-3013CL / DM4-3050US / DM4-3052NR / DM4-3055DX / DM4-3090SE / DM4-3099SE / DM4T-1000
HP Pavilion DV5-1250US / DV5-2000 / DV5-2035DX / DV5-2129WM / DV5-2135DX / DV5-2155DX / DV6-3000 / DV6-3019WM / DV6-3025DX / DV6-3013CL / DV6-6000 / DV6-6004SA / DV6-6008EG / DV6-6013CL / DV7-4000 / DV7-4060US / DV7-4065DX | DV7-6000
HP Pavilion dv6-6c40us dv6-6c43cl dv6-6c43nr dv6-6c47cl dv6-6c48us dv6-6c50ca dv6-6c50us dv6-6c51ca dv6-6c53cl dv6-6c53nr dv6-6c54nr dv6-6c57nr dv6-6c73ca dv6t-6c00 dv6z-3200
HP Envy 17 / 17-1181NR / 17-2070NR / 17-2090NR

Shareway 5200mAh Replacement Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite A660 A665 C660 C655 L650 L655 L750 L750P M640 M645 P745 P755 P755-S5375 PABAS228 PABAS229 PA3817U PA3818U PA3819U

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Compatible Part Number:

PA3816U-1BRS PA3816U-1BAS PA3817U-1BRS PA3817U-1BAS PA3818U-1BRS PA3819U-1BRS PABAS227 PABAS228 PABAS229 PABAS230

Fit laptop model:

Toshiba Satellite

A660 A665 C655-S5049 C655-S5082 C655-S5128 C655-S5212

C655-S5061 C655-S5225 C655-S5206 C655-S5123 C655-S5137

L600 L600-15S L600D L600D-07B L675 L675D L700 L700D

L700D-T10W L700-T10R L700-T11B L700-T15B L730 L735

L735D L740 L745D L770 L770D L750 L750D L750-171

L750-17D L750-17P L750-18R L750-1DH L750-1DK L750-1DL

L750-1DQ L750-1DR L750-1DU L750-1DV L750-1DX L750-1E5

L750-1E8 L750-1E9 L750-1EK L750-BT4N22 L750-ST4N01

L750-ST4N02 L750-ST4NX1 L750-ST4NX2 L750D L750D/009

L750D/00K L750D/00U L750D/011 L750D/017 L750D/030

L750D/031 L750D/034 L750D/038 L750D-14E L750D-14F

L750D-14G L750D-14H L750D-14L L750D-14M L750D-14Q

L750D-14R L750D-14U L750D-BT5N11 L750D-ST4N01

L750D-ST5NX1 P740 P740D P745D P750 P750D P770 P770D


If there is any problems, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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